Are you a researcher, SME or a Startup having an idea or invention that you think can be applied commercially? Are you interested in filing a patent? Well, Prior Art Search is the first pre-requisite for filing a patent. Prior art in a nutshell is any information available in the public domain that concerns your invention. 

C-DAC will assist you in patent filing by carrying out a prior art Search for your invention.  At present this service comes absolutely free of cost for individual inventors, Government R&D laboratories, universities, colleges and academic institutions approved by UGC. Others such as companies, private laboratories may be charged based upon the estimated resource utilization. However C-DAC reserves the right to provide any one or more services available free or for fee to any person.

Interested inventors/scientists should submit a brief/abstract of their invention preferably with keywords. Prior art search will be carried out on databases including USPTO, WIPO, EPO; limited literature search available on the database subscribed by C-DAC may also be carried out. The prior art search report encompasses unique feature mapping with respect to patents/published applications for ascertaining novel features set in a given invention.

This will be a preliminary search report. Inventors/scientists are advised to carry out a detailed search, if they deem it necessary.

How to use this service

You need to register with the portal by filling in the registration form. After registration, login to the portal and you would get your Homepage with the option to use the portal services. You just need to register once to avail any of the services provided by the portal.

After logging in, select the Portal Services -> Prior Art Search tab -> Fill in the details -> Submit.

Our experts would send the prior art search report in the email

Unique features

1)Focus on ICTE domain

2)Exhaustive prior art search reports

3)Reports delivered within 3-4 working days

4)Constant interaction between inventors and experts

5)Use of paid databases for better search of patents

6)Free Services 

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